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We have DYNAMITE horses!

Two Owner Releases in August

We were called by two very kind people recently, both had very lovely horses that were in dire need of good homes, one due to owner health, one to loss of the horses home. We drove to Portland to pick up Whimsy, (she was to be euthanised if a home was not found immediately) a liver chestnut racking horse, and to Grants

Cherokee was adopted by a good friend who lives nearby, the finest home a horse could ever wish for, and Whimsy was adopted by our Equine dentist/vet and has gone to live on their ranch in Idaho. How perfect is that? Life is good for these two beauties.

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Volunteers and fun pictures.

We have volunteers who come to help us and this is our latest, Sarah. She cleans stalls and grooms for us. What a great kid. We will add more pictures here as we can so they get the kudos they deserve.

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Parkas for Ponies

Would you look at this??? This is the most amazing group of San Francisco gals ever. They decided to make up a program for our horses winter long johns, and put their “Parkas for Ponies” sign with big boxes at several stables around their area. This was the day they picked them up… their car was so stuffed they couldn’t get any more in. What a show of horse people caring for horses, no matter where they are. We were in tears at this program, these girls and their fellow horse people jumped in with both feet to help. We at Project Spirit send HUGE thanks to every single person who donated their blankets to our rescues, and to Nicole, Amy and Kendall for all of your hard work and good “Spirits”!!!

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POPPET Adopted

Poppet came to us very thin, a serio

us pain in her hip, and covered in hives. She was a well cared for horse most of her life, then suddenly starved, and so stressed she became de

pressed and the hives came. Normal treatment did not work, the vet put her on an intense treatment to try and get her system back to normal. She is recovering nicely and about two thirds of her body is now

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Spirit Update

These pictures are very distressing, but it was the spirit of this mare that made us decide to build the stable named after her. She was frozen to the ground, and still alive when these pictures were taken. We had the vet shoot her where she lay. This mare still haunts me, and the anger stayed with me for a long time. Wise words from recovering nicely and about two thirds of her body is now helped me change it into a positive force, to do better next time, and try to see this never happened again. We decided to move forward and build this little stable in her memory.Read More >