Welcome to Project Spirit

We have DYNAMITE horses!


The Klamath Large Animal Rescue gals did one awesome job last week and rescued 42 horses in dire need of help. These horses were left on a ditchbank with no food, and water that only the strongest could get to…the weather was about to become very wicked and there were so many in the herd that would never have made it, their injuries and starvation was very ugly so a great group of awesome people moved in and helped these animals get to safety.

They were taken to the Klamath Shelter for evaluation and the worst were brought to Project Spirit so we could separate, bandage and medicate, and feed carefully those with empty bellies and bad teeth. The storm hit with icy winds and deep snow and sub zero temps, but not one horse lies frozen on that ditchbank. They are all eating well and are warm and happy. We send HUGE thanks to Charlotte, Dawn and all of the outstanding people who jumped in to help…these horses are alive because of you. Klamath Falls can brag about our animal rescue, DAs office and deputies…

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Two Mustang Babies right off of the range

These little darlins were here on loan, they belonged to Strawberry Mountain Mustangs in Roseburg, but we got to babysit for a few weeks until we could transport them on to the next leg of the trip.

They came from the round up iNevada. I had so much fun starting these kids and I hope they go to awesome homes.

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