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Ponies leave for Idaho.

It was a sad day when our little Johnny left us for a new home. We never thought he would be adopted because of his blindness, but when Andre and Leanne came here, little Johnny picked them. It was amazing to watch, he was so resistant to peoples touch, but these two were a magnet for him. One of those things that is meant to be, so we let him and the little wild thing go to their new home in Boise.

All dressed up for the ride to Idaho, looking absolutely angelic.

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WILD THING. Stud pony.

This cute little stallion came here, again via a good friend. Owners were too old to care for him so to avoid future neglect, we took him in. It was hilarious from the start, he was so much his own man and he was going to rule supreme. Take a look at these antics…

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This poor starving gelding was found tied to a fence. I asked if I could have him and they said to take him, so I did. He spent the winter and part of the summer with my pal Debi re-filling his poor starved body and he changed out of his cacoon into a butterfly to die for.

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Rockaway Carriage donated to Project Spirit UPDATE

The carriage was sold at auction in Madras Oregon. Thank you Barbara and John

Look what good friends John and Barbara Evansizer donated to P.S. A restoration dream come true.

This is a turn of the century carriage, been stored for over 25 yrs in a warehouse and has been donated to the rescue horses. Can you imagine what this would look like restored? What a piece of history. Read More >

Two Missouri Foxtrotter Mares

Two Mares were released to P.S. due to a death in the family.

The bay mare had a major hernia that was way too expensive to fix, her intestines were being held by skin only so her previous owner and Project Spirit agreed on euthanasia to prevent further suffering. Such a shame, she was a very beautiful mare.

This is Sugar, a 20 yr old wonderful mare, adopted by a great family and we are delighted to know she will be cared for until she dies. Doesn’t get any better than that.Read More >