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We have DYNAMITE horses!

Melanie, Gaited Racking Mare.

Melanie is a liver chestnut gaited racking mare, broke and ready to go, she crosses water, bridges etc without slowing down, has been ridden on hunting camps in Idaho on the Snake Read More >


Kelly is a 2 yr old bay Quarter horse filly. She is sweet, friendly and very gentle natured. We rescued her as a baby and have worked with her a great deal. She ties, bathes, trailers, etc etc etc and is now ready for saddle training and a life with the right person. Kelly is very special Read More >


Adam was adopted from here back in 09 after we brought him back to health. He was rescued from a dreadful place in the north county along with 4 others. He went to his new home and was ridden on a ranch and has had good care. He was recently returned because he needed surgery.

We had the surgery done, he has recovered well and is now in need of a forever home.

A forever home is one where you will be responsible for his care for his lifetime. If he needs a medical procedure it is your job to do that, not ours. Financially this has put us in a very tight spot, but the kind actions of a lady called Linn has taken away that pressure. Thank you Linn.

Read More >

Panels or round pen wanted for flying P.S. trainer.

We are in dire need of panels or a 60 ft round pen. We had one, but the girls at the shelter had so many horses in last year they needed panels for holding pens. They borrowed mine and won’t give it back. How rude is that? But I love them all so they will get away with it just this once.

I was lunging and training with a long line, then Auggie came. The 1650lb Clydesdale cross thug with the bulldozer attitude…and he yanked me off my feet and I found out what it felt like to fly…awesome. Landing… not so hot, but flying is fun. I had better not try him again until I Read More >