Welcome to Project Spirit

We have DYNAMITE horses!

New and Improved Web Site is now active.

Thanks to Werner at Wrinkledog Inc. we now have a functional Web Site that we can keep current and full of new information. The donation page works so if you would like please check it out we would be sooo grateful. All the best from the Project Spirit Team, and Happy New Year.



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  4. ruth marshall ~ Sep. 17, 2011 @ 8:58 pm

    I put my horse with Project Spirit in August of 2010. She weighted about 1150 lbs. I went to see my horse on Sept. 9th of 2011 and to my surprise my horse has lost almost 200lbs. I have left numerous messages for Nadine, with Project Spirit, and she as yet to call me. I have left messages for Pam Erickson who has my horse and she, also, has not returned my calls. I am very worried about my horse and no one seems to care….Just thought I would let you know that they don’t seem to care that my horse is in dyer need of food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely distressed, Ruth Marshall REPLY TO RUTH… Your mare is in a fabulous home getting the very best care. I have sent you countless photos of her and her home, but you refuse to see what is clearly there. Go to Facebook (Project Spirit Horse Rescue) and look at her. I would never allow any horse to starve, this is not what we are about. I am sorry you are so distressed but you should be happy Cherokee is living a wonderful life, and was not euthanized, as was the plan before we went to get her . We all worked very hard to save her life and she is a happy horse. I am so sorry you cannot see that. I wish you peace and contentment.

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