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POPPET Adopted

Poppet came to us very thin, a serio

us pain in her hip, and covered in hives. She was a well cared for horse most of her life, then suddenly starved, and so stressed she became de

pressed and the hives came. Normal treatment did not work, the vet put her on an intense treatment to try and get her system back to normal. She is recovering nicely and about two thirds of her body is now

Our favorite Equine bone cracker did magic adjustments on her body and her lameness is totally gone. Her teeth were in terrible shape, now fixed by a superb Equine dentist so life is good for this lovely mare. Our sweet little Poppet is coming back to us. She is about 20 yrs old and could use a home with tons of love so she never knows such pain again. This is how she looked when we took her in…so thin, lame and afraid. Now she is just gorgeous and will just get better as time goes on.

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