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What to do about ticks?

We recently had a horse come into our rescue with hundreds of ticks. This prompted us to do some research about the best approach to eliminate them. There are many recommendations and we do not discredit any of them. This is just what we did and what worked for this specific horse.

If the ticks are a few, they can be removed by hand. It is recommended not to twist them, but rather to use firm, straight backward pressure. Twisting can result in the head remaining in the horse, causing infection and disease. A tick comb may be quite useful.

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The Pegasus Project is here!

The Pegasus Project – From Forgotten to Forever

A Trainer / Rescue Horse activity sponsored by Project Spirit Equine Rescue & Rehab for horses from the Klamath Animal Shelter Large Animal Division

Trainers – Please review the competition contents and submit Trainer Applications as soon as possible.

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Were Back

Our main Computer bit the bullet and we’ve been unable to do updates.

Just bought a new computer so we will be doing updates shortly.

Keep watching in the next few days.

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Melanie, Gaited Racking Mare.

Melanie is a liver chestnut gaited racking mare, broke and ready to go, she crosses water, bridges etc without slowing down, has been ridden on hunting camps in Idaho on the Snake Read More >