Welcome to Project Spirit

We have DYNAMITE horses!

The Pegasus Project is here!

The Pegasus Project – From Forgotten to Forever

A Trainer / Rescue Horse activity sponsored by Project Spirit Equine Rescue & Rehab for horses from the Klamath Animal Shelter Large Animal Division

Trainers – Please review the competition contents and submit Trainer Applications as soon as possible.

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Project Spirit Facebook Page

Our Facebook Page is where you can find new information,

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Were Back

Our main Computer bit the bullet and we’ve been unable to do updates.

Just bought a new computer so we will be doing updates shortly.

Keep watching in the next few days.

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The story of really bad…and really good.

Bruising in all four feet of Pepper.

Baby, losing weight with so much good food.

Pepper stayed down so long we had to bring him water.

His heated water tank was only 10 feet away but he could not get to it.

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WILD THING. Stud pony.

This cute little stallion came here, again via a good friend. Owners were too old to care for him so to avoid future neglect, we took him in. It was hilarious from the start, he was so much his own man and he was going to rule supreme. Take a look at these antics…

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