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We have DYNAMITE horses!

Melanie, Gaited Racking Mare.

Melanie is a liver chestnut gaited racking mare, broke and ready to go, she crosses water, bridges etc without slowing down, has been ridden on hunting camps in Idaho on the Snake Read More >


Kelly is a 2 yr old bay Quarter horse filly. She is sweet, friendly and very gentle natured. We rescued her as a baby and have worked with her a great deal. She ties, bathes, trailers, etc etc etc and is now ready for saddle training and a life with the right person. Kelly is very special Read More >

Two Missouri Foxtrotter Mares

Two Mares were released to P.S. due to a death in the family.

The bay mare had a major hernia that was way too expensive to fix, her intestines were being held by skin only so her previous owner and Project Spirit agreed on euthanasia to prevent further suffering. Such a shame, she was a very beautiful mare.

This is Sugar, a 20 yr old wonderful mare, adopted by a great family and we are delighted to know she will be cared for until she dies. Doesn’t get any better than that.Read More >


Pepper is a very lovely mare, 20-21 yrs old and super trained. We had her teeth and feet done, wormed and ready to go to her forever home. She is about 15 hands and will follow you like a puppy, she has amazing manners and respect. Please contact us if you would like this lovely mare as your forever friend

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Two abandoned mares. Marsha and Sharon.

This is a sad story that turned out so well thanks to a kind neighbor. These lovely mares were left to starve on the mountain, unwanted. A kind lady took them in and called us. We picked them up, had their dreadful teeth fixed, feet trimmed, wormed and adopted all in less than 2 weeks. AND they went together to a ranch home where they will live until they die. I danced a jig for these two…so close to hell, then dropped in heaven. WooHoo, made my Christmas for sure.

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