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We have DYNAMITE horses!

Ponies leave for Idaho.

It was a sad day when our little Johnny left us for a new home. We never thought he would be adopted because of his blindness, but when Andre and Leanne came here, little Johnny picked them. It was amazing to watch, he was so resistant to peoples touch, but these two were a magnet for him. One of those things that is meant to be, so we let him and the little wild thing go to their new home in Boise.

All dressed up for the ride to Idaho, looking absolutely angelic.

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New and Improved Web Site is now active.

Thanks to Werner at Wrinkledog Inc. we now have a functional Web Site that we can keep current and full of new information. The donation page works so if you would like please check it out we would be sooo grateful. All the best from the Project Spirit Team, and Happy New Year.


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Spirit Update

These pictures are very distressing, but it was the spirit of this mare that made us decide to build the stable named after her. She was frozen to the ground, and still alive when these pictures were taken. We had the vet shoot her where she lay. This mare still haunts me, and the anger stayed with me for a long time. Wise words from recovering nicely and about two thirds of her body is now helped me change it into a positive force, to do better next time, and try to see this never happened again. We decided to move forward and build this little stable in her memory.Read More >