Donations for the Horses

Would you like to help make a difference in a horse’s life? Any contribution would be very much appreciated.  All donations go directly toward care, feed, vitamins, farrier and veterinary bills.  Please feel free to use the mailing address below to send cash/checks to, or if you are familiar with PayPal use the button below to make a donation. Our account name to donate to is

We are a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization and always in need of funding. Your donation would be very much appreciated. Our Federal ID number is 30-0525427.

You may sponsor a horse in our care too!  Help us help those that require long term care while they rehabilitate or find that special home!

Project Spirit
PO Box 580  Chiloquin, OR 97624
541-891 2921

We are always having to perform some kind of doctoring, recovery from starvation, healing hooves, having dental work done, de-worming and vaccinating.  We rely on Volunteers and Donations to keep us moving forward.  If you like our  work please consider donating or volunteering!

Swan is in rehabilitation from starvation.  Her teeth had probably never been addressed in her entire life.  She has an old injury on her hamstring that left scar tissue causing her gait to be different.  What are we doing to help her?  She’s had her teeth done, vaccines are on board, she has had a veterinary examination to insure her old injury causes no pain, she has been de-wormed, and is on a special feeding program to help her body recover.  Next she will have cold laser therapy, body massage and chiropractic treatment.  We are able to provide this care due to the generosity of our supporters.  Thank you.  Would you like to help?  DONATE!