Horses to Sponsor

Horses Needing Sponsorship

Some horses that come into Project Spirit Equine Rescue and Rehab are long term residents or have special needs that make them harder to place.  They are available for adoption but have some kind of issue that prevents them from general placement.  These horses require more care and typically have a bit more expense associated with that care.

Would you like to sponsor one of these horses? 

Grace and Chamois

Grace, a varnish Appaloosa mare, came to us as a hardship.  She was very thin, had an injury on her chin, abscesses in her feet, and teeth so bad she had worn holes the size of 50 cent pieces on the inside of both cheeks.  She is reported to be well broke.  We find her to be easy to handle and very sweet.  This girl has a few more months of weight gain and hoof care.  Would you like to help

Chamois, a young QH type gelding, was found in the woods by hunters.  He was lame due to abscesses and lack of hoof care, and very thin.  He was also a stallion.  We have brought his weight up and are working on correcting his hoof / leg.  The vet believes he will make a full recovery!  He is a very sweet boy.  We are hoping for the best.  Once recovered he will start training.  Would you like to support Chamois’s recovery?

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