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Parkas for Ponies

Would you look at this??? This is the most amazing group of San Francisco gals ever. They decided to make up a program for our horses winter long johns, and put their “Parkas for Ponies” sign with big boxes at several stables around their area. This was the day they picked them up… their car was so stuffed they couldn’t get any more in. What a show of horse people caring for horses, no matter where they are. We were in tears at this program, these girls and their fellow horse people jumped in with both feet to help. We at Project Spirit send HUGE thanks to every single person who donated their blankets to our rescues, and to Nicole, Amy and Kendall for all of your hard work and good “Spirits”!!!

You are all our hero’s.

UPDATE…here is the news link as the blankets were delivered right to our door. It will not stay on for long, but search for Parkas for Ponies.


We had the best weekend ever with these girls, they are true blue hero’s and funny as can be. We even got a wonderful trip to our famous Crater lake too. Awesome.

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