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Spirit Update

These pictures are very distressing, but it was the spirit of this mare that made us decide to build the stable named after her. She was frozen to the ground, and still alive when these pictures were taken. We had the vet shoot her where she lay. This mare still haunts me, and the anger stayed with me for a long time. Wise words from recovering nicely and about two thirds of her body is now helped me change it into a positive force, to do better next time, and try to see this never happened again. We decided to move forward and build this little stable in her memory.

UPDATE…we have come a very long way since this terrible day, Project Spirit has grown and we have become a non profit, we have helping hands from way more than we ever could imagine, and our name is out there because we keep doing what we can to make a dent in the serious plight of our horses in this dreadful recession. For those of you who help us with donations of money, blankets, feed, hay, vet, chiropractic, dental and tremendous back up in the panic department, we send huge thanks for keeping us afloat and holding us up. The horses thank you and we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, we could not do this without you. We will do all we can to see this never happens again. Thank you.

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